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The Necro Files


27 July 1962
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I'm a left wing commie pinko political activist who went to prison in the 80s. I'm a magician, a trilobite collector and a nationally ranked chess player. I can hold the same facial expression for hours at a time. My hobbies include combining tasteless clothes with tasteless makeup and searching for lost spaceships, unusual anomalies and rips in the space-time continuum.

Gomez, Shihad, Freestate, Killing Joke, Fear Factory, Velvet Revolver, STP, Karnivool, Josh Pyke, Lior, Gotye, Mary Trembles, Sonicult, Cog, The Butterfly Effect, Transport, Adrian Belew, Muse, Split Enz, Powderfinger, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Nikki Lamborn, Shirley Bassey...dammit, there are too many to list.

Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Wars, Star Trek, Back To The Future, The Piano, Shine, Citizen Kane, The Great Escape, Bridge On The River Kwai, Das Boot, Stalingrad, Farewell My Concubine, Raise The Red Lantern, Bullet In The Head, Mr Vampire, Shichinin No Samurai

BBC News, Sky News, Enough Rope, Spooks, Little Britain, The Office (UK), Black Books, Father Ted, Dr Who, Angel, Dexter, The Riches, Stargate: Atlantis, SG-1, Star Trek, Shameless, Damages

Conn Iggulden, Brian Masters, John Douglas, Michael Connelly, Andy McNab, Matthew Reilly, Chris Ryan, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Ken Follett, Jeffery Deaver

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